Staying Safe During an Auto Accident

If you've been involved in a collision, you know how stressful it can be. There are steps you can take to help reduce the impact and get you back on the road. Herb Chambers Maserati of Warwick is happy to provide you with the steps to take when involved in a crash.

You'll want to ensure that there aren't any injuries. Even if very minor injuries are involved, be certain to contact the police and EMS at once. If there are no injuries, the police must still come and complete an accident report. This isn't a step to ignore, and it can cause a multitude of issues later with insurance or if the other party claims they're injured at a later date.

Our dealership welcomes you to check out our newest models with the latest safety features. Get in touch with Herb Chambers Maserati of Warwick to find the perfect vehicle for your family's needs, today.



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