Car Wax: When to Apply and the Frequency of Application

If you have gained an interest in car wax, you are probably wondering a few things. One of the questions you may have is when you should apply the wax. This actually has a couple of parts to it that you need to understand so that you can apply adequate protection to your vehicle.

The best time to apply car wax to your vehicle is at the end of washing it. Once you have rubbed it down and rinsed off the soap that you used to wipe off the dirt, then you should take the wax and apply it to the body of your vehicle.

Another part of the question is how often you should apply it. This is where things get a little trickier. One of the suggestions is to apply the wax three times a year. After all, it does wear off over time so reapplying on a regular basis is a good idea.



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