Common Signs of Worn Tires

At Herb Chambers Maserati of Warwick, our service team is dedicated to helping you keep your vehicle in optimal condition. You should visually inspect your tires about once a month to ensure that you have a tread depth that will provide you with suitable traction, stability, handling, and braking. Have your tires inspected if you notice any of the following signs.

Your tires may need to be replaced if the sidewall is damaged. Check for cracks and cuts on the sidewall. If you notice grooves in the sidewall, a leak could be forming in your tire, so it will need to be replaced quickly.

Another sign of worn tires are bulging and blisters. When the tires start to wear on the outside, weak areas will form (blisters and bulges), which can potentially lead to a sudden blow out. To avoid a dangerous situation, have your tires replaced if you notice anything extending from the tires' surfaces.



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