Understanding the Difference Between Oversteer and Understeer

Oversteer and understeer are terms that refer to your vehicle's dynamics. In simple terms, oversteer occurs when your car turns more than you want. Understeer is the opposite as your vehicle will turn less than you want. Oversteer is more common in rear-wheel drive vehicles, while understeer occurs more frequently in front-wheel drive vehicles.

In reality, the terms are more complicated. Understeering means a lack of grip. It happens when you turn the wheels too early in a front-wheel drive car when turning a corner. It can also happen when you turn too fast or too far.

Oversteering frequently happens in daily driving and occurs when the front of a vehicle has more grip on the road than the back. It's commonly called fishtailing and can be dangerous in certain conditions such as muddy or slippery surfaces. You can correct oversteering problems by loosening your vehicle's suspension.



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