Keeping Rodents Out of Your Car

Regardless of where you live in Warwick, it's important to make sure that mice, rats, and other rodents don't get into your vehicle. At Herb Chambers Maserati of Warwick, we can help you understand the steps that you can take to deter unwanted visitors so that you can keep your car safe.

Rodents in your car can cause a lot of damage, chewing the insulation on wiring and causing extensive damage to your engine. To make the engine area less appealing to rodents, you can keep the hood open whenever you're not driving. Putting strobe lights or ultrasound alarms in the engine compartment or under the car can also disturb their peace and quiet.

Setting traps around your car can keep mice from ever reaching your vehicle. If rodents make it into your car, set traps inside the vehicle eliminate them as soon as possible.



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